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Looking Back – Moët & Chandon

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The past ten years have seen InVision work with clients from Austria to Australia. One of the most magical assignments however involved us working underground in a cold dark cellar.
Moët & Chandon commissioned us to film a tasting session in their grand vintage reserve cellar in Épernay. This was no ordinary tasting however as it involved a selection of the finest champagne vintages from the past 100 years. The bottles were being chosen ahead of an auction at Sotheby’s.

Director of Photography Simon Elsbury had to light the cellars using specialist equipment that emitted no heat. The temperature needed to remain constant to avoid damaging the wine in any way. Some of the vintages were worth thousands of pounds a bottle.

We were thrilled with the final edit, as were Moët who kindly sent the testimonial below.

“A stunningly intimate and engaging film, the perfect result for our owned media channels and editorial too”

Looking Back – STMicroelectronics

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InVision was founded by the former Sky News Presenter Chris Roberts and every now and then over the past ten years he’s ventured back in front of the camera to help clients tell their story.

The ELIV Motor Show 2019 at the World Conference Centre in Bonn was one of those occasions. InVision client STMicroelectronics were showcasing some amazing car lighting technology that they’ve developed with Audi. Chris interviewed the various designers and developers behind the technology as part of a news style video report.

Looking Back – Rhino Rugby

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Rhino is one of the world’s leading rugby brands. The company’s scrum machines, contact and breakdown equipment is used by both club and international rugby teams. Rhino has also been a key supplier on the last three British & Irish Lions tours.

InVision was commissioned by the company’s CEO Reg Clark to film a training session featuring some of Rhino’s best-selling equipment. Some of the hits made the ground shake!
To capture the super slo-mo footage, Director of Photography York Smith worked with a camera normally used for covering sport on TV. If you watch the second film closely you will spot an uninvited guest flying into the shot at a crucial moment!

InVision also produced a range of videos focussing on individual pieces of Rhino equipment. This involved working with England’s Rugby World Cup winning hooker Mark Regan. On the day, the film crew decided not to tell him they were Welsh.

InVision Turns 10 – Message from our CEO – Chris Roberts

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September 17th marks InVision’s ten year anniversary. Although the current work climate is somewhat challenging, I’ve enjoyed the adventures of the past decade as much as the 20 years I spent working on the TV News frontline. And no-one has tried to shoot me with my InVision hat on. Apart from the film we produced in Syria….but more on that later.

Setting up a business in 2010 was far from easy. Companies across the world were still reeling from the financial crash of 2008 and communications budgets were being slashed. Approaching clients in the hope of securing work was also a very sobering lesson for me on a personal level. For 20 years I had called people or press offices with the opening words “Hi. It’s Chris Roberts here from ITN/Sky News.” Even if they didn’t really want to talk to me, I was part of the media establishment and that meant they had to respond in some way. Cold calling or emailing when you’re looking for work is a completely different game. If I’m totally honest, I estimate less than 10% of the work InVision has delivered over the past ten years was actually generated by that kind of approach. 20 plus years in the media however had given me, and other members of the InVision team, the opportunity to build up a network of contacts across a wide range of industries. Those connections gave us a “foot in the door” and the chance to develop and grow working relationships.

I thought it might be fun to take a trip down memory lane this month and revisit some of the film projects I’m most proud of from the past decade. In my TV career I was handed a diverse variety of assignments and it’s been the same story with InVision. There was one month for instance where cameraman Simon Elsbury and I went from documenting the extraordinary work being done by an aid agency in Syria to filming in the Moët & Chandon cellars in Épernay. I’m immensely proud of both of those films but the contrast could hardly be greater.

We’ve helped charities raise their profiles and raise millions in donations. We’ve worked on campaign issues such as climate change and mental health. And we’ve filmed with luxury brands and celebrities.

We’ve evolved so much as a company over the past 10 years and continue to adapt in these changing times. We are supporting clients by delivering media training via Zoom/Microsoft Teams. Camera crews have also gone through Covid-19 training to ensure we offer the safest possible environment when filming. It’s been a rollercoaster at times and I’m sure the next decade will have its highs and lows as well. What will remain constant however is the love of storytelling that I, and the rest of the team at InVision bring to the work we do.

Chris Roberts, InVision Founder and C.E.O.