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Looking Back – Corpus Christi

One of the most historically captivating projects InVision has worked on over the past decade was a film we produced for Corpus Christi College in Oxford. The College commissioned the video to lead a fundraising campaign to build a new wing for their library.

The brief was complex and involved multiple College locations. We would also be filming priceless books and manuscripts that were rarely shown in public. Finally the College wanted an alumnus, Book Historian Paul Quarrie to present the film, despite his admission that he didn’t watch television and didn’t even own a TV set.

We began with two days of location research in Oxford, identifying both filming opportunities and the people who would bring the story to life. We then spent a day working with Paul Quarrie on his presentation skills and editing the rough script the College had given us. Only then did filming begin.

Our budget was limited but the College wanted the film to have the look and feel of a high end BBC documentary, albeit one with a running time of under ten minutes. Although Paul Quarrie may not inherit David Attenborough’s TV crown, he took onboard all our advice and was a passionate and incredibly knowledgeable presenter. He, the College and the InVision production team were all delighted with the end film