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Looking Back – Human Appeal

The film project from the last ten years that differentiates InVision from almost every other video production company involved us travelling undercover into Syria at the height of the country’s bloody and brutal civil war.

We were commissioned by the Islamic charity Human Appeal and posed as aid workers to cross the Turkey/Syria border.

InVision CEO Chris Roberts, (ex ITN and Sky News), and Cameraman Simon Elsbury then visited various camps, makeshift hospitals and aid distribution centres to capture the images we needed to tell this heartbreaking story.

The film above is a two minute wrap video and is narrated by Chris Roberts. This video, and various others we produced from footage recorded on the trip were then shown both on television and at fundraising events raising millions in donations.

We’re immensely proud of what this project achieved, even though the civil war itself raged on. Even now civilians are dying on a daily basis. What the film hopefully illustrates is our ability to tell stories in an engaging, powerful and emotive way, even in the most challenging of environments.

Human Appeal continue to do important work and right now are in need of donations in order to help those that have been left homeless by the deadly blast in Lebanon; the blast killed 170 and left over 300,000 homeless – if you wish to donate please do so through their website.