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Today’s media is saturated with articles on the theme of “10 things we learned from Meghan’s Oprah interview.” As a counterbalance, here are ten things we should be thinking about on International Women’s Day.

(Source; GlobalGiving)

1. An extra year of education can help a girl earn 15-25% more as an adult. Source: UNICEF

2. Educated mothers are more than twice as likely to send their children to school.

Source: UNICEF

3. 130 million girls are out of school worldwide.

Source: UNESCO

4. Girls who complete secondary school are 3x less likely to become child brides.

Source: Girls Not Brides

5. Globally, there are 750 million women and girls who were married before they turned 18.

Source: United Nations

6. At least 117 countries and territories still have no laws to protect girls from child marriage.

Source: United Nations Gender Equality Initiative

7. Domestic violence—just one form of gender-based violence—is costlier than warfare, with a worldwide annual cost of $8 trillion.

Source: Copenhagen Consensus Center

8. Domestic violence is not yet considered a crime in more than 20 countries.

Source: World Bank

9. Women make nearly 20% less than men, and they won’t reach pay equity with men until 2059, if the slow pace of progress on the pay gap persists.

Source: AAUW

10. GlobalGiving makes it safe and easy to support projects that uplift women and girls around the world. Give to the GlobalGiving Girl Fund in honour of a special woman or girl in your life.

Source: GlobalGiving