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Looking Back – Moët & Chandon

The past ten years have seen InVision work with clients from Austria to Australia. One of the most magical assignments however involved us working underground in a cold dark cellar.
Moët & Chandon commissioned us to film a tasting session in their grand vintage reserve cellar in Épernay. This was no ordinary tasting however as it involved a selection of the finest champagne vintages from the past 100 years. The bottles were being chosen ahead of an auction at Sotheby’s.

Director of Photography Simon Elsbury had to light the cellars using specialist equipment that emitted no heat. The temperature needed to remain constant to avoid damaging the wine in any way. Some of the vintages were worth thousands of pounds a bottle.

We were thrilled with the final edit, as were Moët who kindly sent the testimonial below.

“A stunningly intimate and engaging film, the perfect result for our owned media channels and editorial too”